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Welcome to RAVEENA BAGS,We doing the School Bag Manufacturers|Chennai|Tamilnadu|India,Our School bags are international quality standard&design send a quaotes

How to pick the best school bag for your child ::::

There are so many different styles of school bags available to purchase that it can become difficult to choose the right one. The style found to best suit children entering school and returning to primary school is an ergonomic backpack. Below are features that you should look for when purchasing a new bag.

A moulded frame which conforms to your child’s back when adjusted correctly

Two wide, adjustable shoulder straps with padding for extra comfort – Wearing a bag with only one should strap curves the spine unnaturally, putting stress on the whole body.

An adjustable hip or sternum strap

A padded back

Separate compartments that allow packing ease

One made from canvas or other light-weight material

A size no wider than your child and no higher than 3 cm above their shoulders – they should be able to look up to the ceiling without their head hitting the bag.

A brand that is endorsed by a professional or health organisation, as this will have been tested to be a great option

How to fit and wear a school bag properly::::

Ideally, a school bag should weigh less than 10 per cent of the child’s body weight, for instance a child weighing 40kg should carry 2-3kg, and 4kg at the very most.

To distribute this weight evenly on the child’s back, both shoulder straps should always been used.

The shoulder straps should be adjusted so that the bottom of the bag sits around the child’s waist – trace a line from their belly button around to their back, the bottom of the bag should sit around there.

The bag should not hang out from the shoulders – it should contour to your child’s back – and should not swing from side to side when your child is moving around.

To ensure your child actually does wear the bag correctly when you aren’t there, explain to them that it can cause serious injury to their spine, shoulders, and neck if they don’t wear it right. It is only the best school bag if it’s used the right way. Regularly check with them to see if the bag is comfortable, or if they are in any kind of pain. If any pain persists, see a doctor to be certain there are no problems.

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School Bag Manufacturers in chennai

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